As a Maine Clean Elections Candidate, Betsy is currently allowed to collect two kinds of donations - "Seed Money" and "Qualifying Contributions".

"Seed Money" is money her campaign can use to get started. For example, she can use it for websites, introductory videos, signs and other campaign expenses. These contributions can be up to $100 and can come from any US citizen.

"Qualifying Contributions" can only come from registered Maine voters.  To qualify for Maine Clean Elections funding, Betsy needs 3,200 contributions of $5 from verified, registered Maine voters.  Qualifying contributions can be made here -

If you are a registered Maine voter, please give a Qualifying Contribution by going to this page - - and clicking on the blue button.  Then, if you can, donate seed money here -

As a clean elections candidate, Betsy does not accept contributions from corporations or PACS. These donations are not tax deductible.

Every dollar counts!

Thank you for your support.

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